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VidoNet VTC-CD712IR

Outdoor Pan Tilt Zoom Camera
With Wall Mount Bracket

Brand:VidoNet VTC-B21AI
Model: VTC-CD712IR

  • 產品詳情
  • 1/4′ SONY CCD
  • Optical Zoom 36X
  • 7-inch cast aluminum shell, 10 pcs high-power infrared light,independent high transmittance lens design,automatic exposure control infrared light near / far lamp grouping on / off, IR distance 120 meters
  • Equipped with powerful lighting control software,with manual,automatic,sync and other infrared camera mode
  • Built-in OSD menuin Chinese and English, displaying of Chinese input,indicating position,infrared power,temperature and fan status
  • Soft Hard address set, ID setting can be modified remotely
  • 256 preset positions, preset titles can be changeable
  • It can be individually edited independently for each preset(set/call/query/delete)
  • 8 patrol tracking routes,each can insert 32 spots
  • 8 shadow tour,each route can record 1000 different actions,recording up to 10 minutes
  • 8 auto pan,left and right limit and scan speed can be set
  • 8 privacy zones and 8 regional indicative settings
  • Automatic identify integrated various protocols PELCO_P, PELCO_D and more
  • Periodic task,built-in precision RTC,schedule run task for each day of the week
  • Power failture memory function,can automatically recover to the position before the power failure
  • Software update interface
  • Alarm function with 7 input & 2 output,support alarm linkage(Option)
  • Lightning protection Class 3, built-in constant temerature system
  • With Wall mount bracket
  • AC24V/3A Power Supply

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